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We undertake comprehensive loss processing based on the requirements of the clients and in the requested branches (damage, public liability, transport).

We deal with our clients’ own handling IT management systems or even offering in-house attention.

We provide overall loss management or specific processing of mass claims arising from a single public liability loss or a catastrophic event. We even deal different adjusting phases such as the loss opening, documentary management or final settlement.

The complete loss processing goes from its opening to its closing. We take responsibility for the whole processing, including negotiation, payments and management of the adjusters’ network, lawyers and recovery, if required.

The following tasks can be identified within the loss processing:

Applying for an expert opinion and or additional documents /clarifications, if appropriate.
Processing and tracking until the documents are completed.
File analysis under policy warranties.
Responsibilities analysis.
Determination of settlement proposal.
Complete processing till the loss is concluded (agreement with the Insured/damaged).
Payment management.
Closure of Loss.

According to the established benchmark, the file control may be returned any time during the processing. The files are updated accurately in order to fulfil timescales. The information received such as documents and files are fully scanned. A loss file shows all the management processes and can be verified at any time.

Our goal is to meet our client´s expectations by means of a specialized processing according to the demanded requirements.


The aim is to reach an amicable agreement of the claim for the damage caused by a third party to final settlement. A follow up is made afterwards. Recovery expenses may be agreed based on the amount of files processed or the results gained.


We provide audits for Loss Adjusters and repairers.

For repairers: Analysis of possible cost deviations, scale table compliance, scope of repairs, deadlines and satisfaction rate of the clients.

For loss adjusters: Checking compliance of procedures, studying pre-existing conditions, scale table application and level of customer satisfaction, information and service.


We offer an adjustment team able to resolve simple losses without any travelling cost. This is a non-expensive and quick technical and professional solution to respond to easy losses related to home insurance, such as theft and burglary losses or electrical damage of small valuation that can be solved without any travelling expenses, which results in cost saving and speeding up timescales.


Related to be above mentioned, an additional service may be used: a 902 telephone line available for assistance. This line operates as an outsource speaker for loss attention or other required issues to be centralized. Also a 24/7 service may be offered if necessary.